An elevator pitch is a brief speech used by an entrepreneur, a business owner or an executive to describe their business, product or service in a compelling and concise way. It is called an “elevator pitch” because the presentation should not last longer than an average elevator ride (about 60 seconds). A good elevator pitch is one that captures a listener’s attention quickly, is persuasive, excites interest and answers the following questions:

• What is your company’s product or service?
• What sets your company apart from the competition?
• What makes you uniquely qualified to get the job done?
• What is the projected return on investment for investors?

While the elevator pitch is a concept that comes from the world of business and entrepreneurship, it can be applied when interviewing for a job or networking.


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Virtual Enterprises International

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  • Undergraduate - All U.S.
  • High School -All U.S.
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Who's Eligible

The Perfect Pitch Competition is open to high school seniors enrolled in Virtual Enterprise or Entrepreneurship classes. Students enrolled in Virtual Enterprises classes will pitch their VE business; Entrepreneurship students will pitch their own business venture.

Competition Prizes

Pitches will be judged by the Dean of Business and distinguished Business faculty from Mercy College, each of whom have leadership experience in business. The finalists will awarded cash and prizes and be invited to Mercy College to interview for a scholarship opportunity. To determine the winners, participants will be assessed on the clarity and effectiveness of the presentation as well as the poise of the presenter.