Tata Consultancy Services Smart Manager Case Contest


The Tata Consultancy Services Smart Manager Case Contest is an 11-year-old case study competition, open to postgraduate students and professional managers from all disciplines and specializations. It is organized by The Smart Manager magazine, with a total cash prize of Rs.60,000 per issue sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services. The cash prize has been increased from Rs. 50,000 from the current contest onwards.
There is generally one student and one professional winner, decided by the editorial team, but in the event of multiple exceptional entries, upto two students and two professionals are declared winners and awarded equal shares of the prize money of Rs60,000. 
The winning entries are also published in the magazine, along with the winners' photographs and bio sketches. They are also featured onwww.thesmartmanager.com. Winners are also awarded a year's free subscription to The Smart Manager.
Apart from the winning entries, excerpts from a few other promising entries are published in the magazine and on the website as 'Smart Thoughts'.



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The Smart Manager, India's first world-class management magazine

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  • Business - Global
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All postgraduate students and professionals of any age, from any discipline/profession, anywhere in the world, can participate.