Sink or Swim Business Plan Contest 2010


Draft submissions are due


Competition Organizer

The Seasteading Institute

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Competition Category
  • Technology - Green
  • Specialized Industries
  • Business - Global
Who's Eligible
Must be 18 years of age and have a valid mailing address
Important Dates

Draft submissions must be posted by October 22, 2010. Final submissions are due December 5, 2010, and winners will be announced on December 20, 2010.

Competition Prizes


  • First Place: $5,000
  • Second Place: $2,000
  • HumanIPO community favorite:: $1,500
  • Most creative: $750
  • Best Seasteading PR: $750


Other Info

For the purposes of this contest, entrants will assume their businesses will exist on a platform 25 miles off the coast of a large first-world city, such as Miami or Shanghai. Furthermore, entrants will assume that the legal and regulatory environment aboard a seastead is tailored toward the efficient functioning and operation of their particular business.

The business plans developed for this contest will serve as a compendium of ideas and research from which individuals and firms can draw inspiration for future commercial seastead businesses.