Rensselaer Business Plan Competition


The goal for the Rensselaer Business Plan Competition is not only to provide teams with prizes of cash and in-kind services, but also to provide student entrepreneurs with the opportunity to improve their business plan through workshops, coaching and judging feedback sessions in preparation for the myriad of competition opportunities held annually each spring across the nation.


Competition Organizer

Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship

Local US Event
Troy, NY
Submission Date


Awards Date


Total Prize Cash (US Dollars)


Competition Category
  • Graduate - Local U.S.
  • Undergraduate - Local U.S.
Who's Eligible

This competition is open to graduate and undergraduate students.
Each team must be made of at least half RPI students.
Students must be enrolled for the 2012-2013 academic year.
Students may not participate on more than 1 team each year of the competition.
RPI students must play an integral role in each team.
If the competition is split into graduate and undergraduate tracks, teams must enter in the division dictated by the highest education level of all the team members. This decision will be made after all submissions are received.