R3bi Business Plan Competition


Could you use $10,000 to jump start your business or idea?

The Red River Region Business Incubator is sponsoring a business plan competition. If you are ready to start your business now or have an early stage existing business, you could earn the $10,000 for the winning entry. The top Student entry will be awarded a prize of $1,000. Residents of Northeast Texas and Southern Oklahoma are eligible and invited to participate.
Entrepreneur Division
This division is open to anyone who is ready to implement the business plan NOW! The business plan competition is an opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur or the owner of an early-stage or start-up company to submit its business plan to a panel of judges-many of whom are investors- and to win a $10,000 cash prize. More importantly, the competition is a way of showcasing emerging businesses and determining the feasibility and sustainability of your idea or business.
Student Division
This division is for students or aspiring entrepreneurs who plan open their own business in the future, but not in position to make the move today. Individuals with a desire to learn more about entrepreneurship and business planning may compete for the $1,000 cash prize for the best concept or idea.



Competition Organizer


Local US Event
Paris, TX
Submission Date


Awards Date


Total Prize Cash (US Dollars)


Competition Category
  • Graduate - Local U.S.
  • Business - Local U.S.
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Technology - Other
Who's Eligible
1. Students with desire to start a profit making business enterprise in the future
2. Existing small business owners with less than one year in business.
3. Individual entrepreneurs planning to start a business within the next 12 months
4. Multiple entrepreneurs planning to start a single business within the next 12 months
5. Companies older than one year may enter the competition if the business plan is new and developing growth through a new product, service line, expansion or implementing a new strategic plan. Growth trajectory MUST be clear to be eligible.