Microsoft SkyDrive Business Plan Collaboration Challenge 2012


Email submissions due


Competition Organizer

Microsoft SkyDrive

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Competition Category
  • Graduate - Local U.S.
  • Undergraduate - Local U.S.
Who's Eligible

Entrants must be undergraduate or graduate students who are entered into a university business plan competition, and attend one of 10 eligible universities. These institutions include: Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Northwestern, Stanford, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Washington.

All teams must agree to use SkyDrive (with Microsoft Office) to work on their business plan. 

Important Dates

The university competitions that teams compete in must be over (and winners selected) by June 1, 2012. Teams must submit an email write-up on how SkyDrive helped in the process of creating a business plan by June 15, 2012. Winners will be selected on June 30, 2012

Competition Prizes

There are two categories of this competition: Entrants who won their university's business plan competition, and Entrants who did not win, but participated in their university's business plan competition.

10 winners in the first category (one per participating university) will be chosen to receive $5,000 each.

10 teams from the second category (one per participating university) will be chosen to recieve $1,000 each.