Innovation Competition offers €20,000 award for new ideas in Sport and Play


The EU funded ProFit project ( have opened competition to stimulate new ideas for innovation in sport, exercise, and play. The competition is part of the development of an EU network of field labs for urban outdoor physical activity innovation. The field lab idea takes product and service development closer to the end-user in a collaborative setting that could involve students, researchers, city, sport, and businesses. Novel monitoring and data collection methods will be used to evaluate new ideas in their intended environment. This will give companies fresh insights and accelerate the innovation process.


Competition Organizer

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry

*International Event*

Submission Date


Awards Date


Total Prize Cash (US Dollars)


Competition Category
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Technology - Green
  • Technology - Other
  • Business - Global
Who's Eligible

The competition is open to any business in the North West Europe region, which covers eight countries: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. The restriction is due to the funding source being an Interreg NWE programme of the EU. We are also encouraging design students and graduates to participate by linking and collaborating with businesses, or start their own, since entries can only be made by businesses.