HEI Business Idea Pitch and Learns


An idea pitch is the act of selling a for‐profit or not‐for‐profit business idea to strangers in a very short
period of time (i.e., in the time it takes to ride an elevator).  This time constraint challenges the
entrepreneur to present her/his idea in an effective manner.  The Hope Entrepreneurship Initiative Idea
Pitch and Learns are a great opportunity for students to experience the fun of creative problem‐solving
and personal, professional selling.  They also provide students the opportunity to get feedback on the
possible viability of their idea.
The Hope Entrepreneurship Initiative Idea Pitch and Learns are open to all undergraduate students at
Hope College.  Ideas presented can be in any stage of development, but must be “pre‐revenue” ideas.  
Presentations must be conducted without visual aids.  Judges are entrepreneurs from the community
who look for the student’s ability to convey passion for an idea in a professional manner.



Competition Organizer

Hope College

Local US Event
Holland, MI
Submission Date


Business Plan Submission Date


Awards Date


Total Prize Cash (US Dollars)


Competition Category
  • Undergraduate - Local U.S.
  • Technology - Other
Who's Eligible

1.   All contestants must be pre‐degree, undergraduate students at Hope College.
2.    Only pre‐revenue ideas will be allowed.
3. Contestants may compete individually or in teams.
4.    No props, prototypes, or technology may be used to enhance a pitch.
5.    Participants must have played a major role in conceiving the proposed venture.
6.   Contestants have 90 seconds to make a pitch; judges have up to 3 minutes to ask questions.
7.   Contestants pitch to judges only—no one else is allowed to observe the presentations.