DOL Worker Safety and Health App Challenge


Roughly 18 million workers in the United States are 24 years old or younger and constitute almost 15% of the workforce. In 2009, 359 workers between the ages of 13 and 24 died from work-related injuries. In addition, there were over 800,000 non-fatal work-related injuries that required medical attention. The rate of emergency room treated occupational injuries is double for workers under the age of 25 in comparison to those 25 years and older. The higher injury rate may be connected to a lack of working experience, inadequate safety training, or even the physical demands of many types of employment for which young people are hired.


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Submissions should be creative and innovative, offering the public easy access to important data and resources that meet the stated goals of this challenge. Successful apps could take many different forms, such as: interactive and informative games, social or professional networks, or data visualization. Additionally, submissions should consider partnerships that will ensure sustainability of the app, and should also consider means to attract users with different skill sets and language preferences. See the "Judging Criteria" section for more information.

Competition Prizes

A total of four (4) prizes totaling no more than $30,000 will be awarded, including one (1) Grand Prize, two (2) Category Prizes, and one (1) People’s Choice Award prize. A single entry is eligible for winning more than one prize.