Cornell Venture Challenge (CVC)


The Cornell Venture Challenge (CVC) is Cornell University’s prestigious
Business Plan Competition. On April 19th 2013 and during the
Entrepreneurship@Cornell Celebration event, successful applicants will get the chance to pitch new and exciting business ideas to a panel of
professional investors and entrepreneurs. The winners of the competition will earn up to $20,000 cash prize (non-dilutive funding) to push their ideas forward.
This competition provides a way for burgeoning entrepreneurial ideas/teams to gain experience, exposure, and financing to help launch successful ventures. The teams selected to compete will receive pitch experience including preparation and feedback from seasoned professionals. In the past this unique exposure has led to follow-on investment and formal advisor relationships.
The competition is sponsored by BR Venture Fund (BRV), a student-run
venture capital fund, at Cornell University’s Johnson School of Graduate


Competition Organizer

BR Venture Fund

Local US Event
Ithaca, NY
Submission Date


Business Plan Submission Date


Awards Date


Total Prize Cash (US Dollars)


Competition Category
  • Graduate - All U.S.
  • Undergraduate - All U.S.
  • Business - All U.S.
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Technology - Green
  • Technology - Other
  • Specialized Industries
Who's Eligible

The CVC does require teams to meet financing, affiliation, and conflicts of interest eligibility limitations.
If there are any eligibility clarification/determination concerns, please
contact BR Venture Fund by sending an e-mail to

Financing: Entry Teams that have secured investment financing or other
capital arrangements in excess of $100,000.00 are ineligible to compete.
Entry Teams that have already secured financing or other capital
arrangements from any source for their Idea must disclose the amounts and sources of such funding in their CVC Submission Form. Financing
arrangements include, but are not limited to, sales revenue or contracts,
personal or family funds, angel investment, or professional venture capital investment. If there are any eligibility clarification/determination concerns, please contact BR Venture Fund prior to submission by sending an e-mail to

Cornell Affiliation: Cornell Affiliation can be determined one of two ways.
The team has at least one Cornell Affiliate, or the venture is based on
Cornell Technology.
(1) To be deemed a Cornell Affiliate, the Entry Team must have at least
one member currently enrolled as a student at, or is an alumnus/ae
of, a recognized division of Cornell University, and all Cornell
University faculty, staff, and other employees (a “Cornell Affiliate”)
to enter.
(2) If the Venture is based on IP developed by a Cornell Affiliate or
patented through CCTEC, the team is eligible to compete.
Please contact a CVC representative at if you require any clarifications on Cornell Affiliation.
Conflicts of Interest: Companies with extensive contact with BRV may be excluded from the competition to eliminate any conflict of interest concerns.
Current BR Venture Fund Managers or Advisors to the Fund may not
compete in the CVC.