CeBIT 2013 Idea Contest - Software Made Tangible


Whether our collaboration is past or present, we are glad that you chose Software AG as a partner for your lectures. We hope that our products have benefitted you and your students.

The next step in this collaboration is an exciting opportunity for your students to participate in CeBIT 2013. We are hosting a contest, for which a team of creative students can develop a model showcasing Business Processes and be supported with 10,000€ of funding.

We are aware of the challenge of bringing software to life. For an in depth look at the previous showcase to see what a model could look like, click on the video below. The CeBIT organization selected it as a “CeBIT highlight”, attracting hundreds of intrigued guests. 


*Available in all states*

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  • Undergraduate - All U.S.
  • Business - All U.S.