Build Bartlesville Innovative Ideas Competition


The Build Bartlesville Innovative Ideas Grant competition is a collaboration among Rogers State University Innovation Center and the Bartlesville Development Corporation. The Build Bartlesville Program’s mission is dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit of small business start-up and expansion of existing small business in the Bartlesville, OK area. Build Bartlesville is offering up to two seed grants to be awarded for the best proposals submitted by existing small businesses or start-up in the Bartlesville community by submitting a proposal as outlined in this solicitation. The grants are intended to create jobs in the Bartlesville community and may be used for the following purposes: 
Implementing innovative ideas resulting in a small business start-up 
Upgrading a product line or service for existing small business that will increase revenues 
Branching into a new innovative market or service 
The Rogers State University Innovation Center Board, through its Business Solutions Committee, seeks proposals for early stage innovative ideas, which will produce new starts-ups or expand existing small businesses into new areas. Awards will be limited to two (2) proposals, with total awards not to exceed $15,000 (individual maximum of $10,000). The awards are intended to be critical seed funds that enable the entrepreneurs to pursue the new ventures. The Business Solutions Committee shall be the final authority and will determine the specific investments to be made each year if any. Grants will be awarded only if a proposal is judged to meet the objectives of the Build program. 

The Build Bartlesville Program is committed to funding innovative projects that diversify and grow innovative businesses within the Bartlesville-Dewey area. A recipient of the award must use the award in either a business currently located within the Bartlesville-Dewey area or in a new business started, moved, or expanded into the Bartlesville-Dewey area. 

To be eligible, the innovative product or service will generate more than one half of its revenues from outside Washington County. These projects are those with high risk or are at an early stage of development, but that offer innovative technologies with the potential to eventually strengthen the community’s small business sector. One of the goals is to bring in new revenue to the community rather than compete for existing revenues already coming into the community.


Competition Organizer

Rogers State University Innovation Center

Local US Event
Claremore, OK
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Competition Category
  • Undergraduate - Local U.S.
  • Business - Local U.S.
Who's Eligible

Eligible proposals will have the potential to increase wealth for the Bartlesville area. Proposals that only recirculate income within the community by merely shifting sales from one business to another will not be considered. To be eligible, the innovative product or service should generate more than half of its revenue from outside Washington County. 
Applicants in the area eligible to receive Build funding are:
1. Students from private or public Oklahoma universities or career tech centers offering entrepreneurship classes
2. For-profit small business start-ups
3. Existing small businesses desiring to expand into a new product or service 
4. Existing small businesses desiring to upgrade an existing product or service

Examples of proposal applications to the Build Bartlesville Program are:
An early stage innovative product or service with strong economic potential but lacking traditional funding sources
An innovative services business that could play a key role in the widespread adoption of a product or technology.
A company/individual with a product or service technology focused on a specific market, but which could be transferred to additional applications and markets 

Ineligible applications:
Non-Profit enterprises
Franchise businesses extended into Bartlesville-Dewey area 
Businesses located outside of the Bartlesville-Dewey geographical area that are unwilling to relocate to Bartlesville area 
Businesses that do not create new revenue for the community
Retail businesses that merely redistribute existing customers from existing businesses, rather than create a new product market

Important Dates

nterested participants should review the Request for Proposals document thoroughly.
All participants must complete and submit the online Intent to Compete Form on or before 5:00 pm CST, January 25, 2013.
An applicants must submit a proposal describing the proposed project by 5:00 pm CST, February 11, 2013 in the format described (see below). 
Up to six applicants who submit projects of high quality that meet the mission of the Build Bartlesville Program and the evaluation criteria will advance to the next round of the competition. This will begin on February 25, 2013.
Applicants selected for the next round will receive mentoring designed to improve their proposal and to prepare an oral presentation for the judges.
Final Proposals are due on March 11, 2013.
On March 14, 2013 selected applicants will make oral presentations to the judges.
The judges will determine the winners and all decisions are final.