Blue Button Mash Up Challenge


This challenge builds on a prior Blue Button® challenge to make personal health information more usable and meaningful for the individual consumer or patient.  The challenge is broken into two parts:

  1. App Development: Entrants must submit an app that makes the best use of Blue Button® downloaded personal health data and combines it with other types of data. Apps must mash up Blue Button® data with data inspired by the structure of the three part aim. Apps must use data representing at least two of the three part aim categories below. 
  2. Reach: The app must be able to garner high patient engagement rates. Entrants are encouraged to demonstrate a partnership with a personal health information data holding organization (such as a provider, payor, or Personal Health Record vendor—see for a definition of a data holding organization) to achieve wide distribution among patients. 


Competition Organizer

National Health Information Technology

*Available in all states*

Submission Date


Business Plan Submission Date


Awards Date


Total Prize Cash (US Dollars)


Competition Category
  • Graduate - All U.S.
  • Business - All U.S.
  • Technology - Green
  • Technology - Other
  • Virtual/Online
Who's Eligible
  • Effectively integrate Blue Button® with information from two or more of the three part aim categories described above (special consideration will be given to apps and tools that incorporate data from all three components of the three-part aim).
  • Integrate patient-centered design and usability concepts to drive high patient adoption and engagement rates.
  • Mash up an individual’s Blue Button® downloaded data in innovative ways to contextualize the individual’s health data.
  • Combine, correlate or otherwise mash up a consumer’s Blue Button data with data from other no-cost-to-consumer sources of data.
  • Provide a one page dissemination plan or commercialization strategy describing how this app solution will be implemented for scalability, including details for marketing and promotion.
  • Existing or modified apps should show an uptake in their initial user base demonstrating the potential for market penetration based on Blue Button® data contextualization capabilities.
  • The app must be designed for the Web, a personal computer, a mobile handheld device, console, or any platform broadly accessible on the open Internet.
Competition Prizes
  • First Place: $45,000 plus conference exhibition opportunity
  • Second Place: $20,000
  • Third Place: $10,000