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In Australia, we have a phrase you never want to hear, particularly about your business: It’s cacked itself. An American translation would be catastrophically failed or died. Yet whether the mistake is big or small, failure is an outcome for many early-stage startup companies.

But an early failure doesn’t need to be the determining factor in your company’s future, a fiery wreck after all your hard work. So many people forget that failure is usually an opportunity to evolve, rather than marking a business’ demise.

I worked as an investment banker, built a boutique corporate advisory firm that was acquired by Credit Suisse, and after I completed my obligatory three years, returned to the chaos of technology companies and startups because I knew that’s where the real fun and true business happens. It’s where the stakes are high and the very real sense of risk (and the prospect for failure) has us all hanging on tenterhooks.

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