4 Assumptions Keeping Your Startup Grounded

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America is in the midst of an entrepreneurial renaissance. Incubators are popping up everywhere, investors are coming out of the woodwork. America, pat yourself on the back! Life-long corporate employees are quitting their jobs to strike out on their own. People are starting businesses with the potential to bring countless benefits that no one can predict, assuming of course, the startup survives the transition to a thriving business. The process is not what it looks like.

A quick metaphor. A yoga instructor recently told me something interesting. People watch the teacher do a pose, then try the pose themselves, and almost never succeed, no matter how hard they work. “You can’t learn yoga by watching,” he told me. “Seeing somebody do it won’t tell you the process for doing it. Learn the step-by-step, the small adjustments and avoidable mistakes everyone makes, and next thing you know you’re standing on your head.’’

The same is true for startups. Watching and reading about prolific entrepreneurs is worthwhile but, paradoxically, can lead to four mistaken assumptions that make it hard for startups to just start.

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