5 Signs You’re Sucking as an Entrepreneur


There have been times that I’ve been a really sucky entrepreneur. My first company, OpenVote, was a Web 2.0 company that made Facebook apps. For years, I said that it failed “just like all the other Web 2.0 apps of that time,” but really that’s just a convenient excuse. It failed because I sucked as an entrepreneur.

These days, when I’m talking to entrepreneurs that are making a lot of the same mistakes I was making back then, I’m shocked how oblivious they are to their own suckiness. But I was that way too. There’s something about being an entrepreneur that lends itself to self-deception and delusional optimism. Entrepreneurs thrive in environments where any rational person would say, “This is impossible,” or, “It can’t be done.” With pride, they naturally ignore anyone who says that they are not capable. So, it’s not surprising that they are often unable to see how they are coming up short.

Here are five signs that you are sucking at your start-up:

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