When I first started my company,, I was petrified of making mistakes. My competitive nature from high school had unfortunately taught me that failure was the ultimate doom, and that mistakes were unseemly blemishes. Though people always told me things like, “Mistakes are part of growing,” or “Failure is part of life,” I only felt shame after a blunder. In fact, the only lesson I learned from most of my childhood mistakes was, “Don’t make any more mistakes.”

This anti-failure mentality cannot survive in an entrepreneurial environment; you are bound to make mistakes while on the road of starting your own business. About a year into founding my company, I started a “failure file” — a list or compilation of all my failures. I catalogued all the projects, ideas and partnerships that didn’t quite work out. This might sound masochistic, but making my failure file was actually incredibly gratifying and brought me a lot of relief.

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