The 5 best business plan competition promo videos

Organizers seeking cost-effective ways to increase the exposure of their business plan competitions should consider creating a promotional video. Then, simply post it on YouTube where anyone can easily find it. For example, the MIT 100K’s “Sexy Pitch” promotional video went viral in the business plan competition community in just a matter of days. Sexy Pitch has received over 2,000 views since its release in early May, and it had to be tons of fun to make. (The follow-up video thanking organizers is also something you should watch.)

Promotional videos don’t have to be irreverent in order to be effective. Most strive to be informative and encouraging. Here are our choices for Top 5 Biz Plan Competition Promo Videos:

MIT100K Sexy Pitch – Innovative, fun to watch.

MassChallenge – Creative animation, nice and short.

University of Iowa’s Merle Volding Business Plan Competition – Interesting that it features a second-place finisher.

UC Davis Big Bang! Business Plan Competition – Well produced, lots of encouragement.

Wake Forest Elevator Competition – Captures the drama very nicely.

Let us know about any other promo videos you feel should be included in the Top 5.

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