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Fewer Americans Are Launching Businesses. Here’s the Silver Lining. (Infographic)

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Doing something because you have to is very different than doing something because you want to. Not to say that being driven into a corner doesn’t produce results. But chasing a dream from a position of strength is a more … Continue reading

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The Power of Storytelling As A Strategic Business Tool

Storytelling is all about winning hearts and minds. Whether the audience are customers, employees, investors, the board of directors or other stakeholders, the end goal is the same: you have to persuade them to your way of thinking. Storytelling is … Continue reading

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To Be Results Focused, Stop Focusing On Results

For many entrepreneurs, success is measured by profitability and achieved by increasing revenue and decreasing expenses. But just focusing on those desired outcomes is a mistake that will yield little change to the bottom line. The reason being is profitability … Continue reading

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Think You’re Too Old to Be An Entrepreneur? Think Again. (Infographic)

If Hollywood wants to portray an entrepreneur in a movie, then he — and it’s usually a he – is in his early 20s, may or may not have a college degree, is probably wearing blue jeans and a hoodie, … Continue reading

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6 Things a Successful Startup Needs

What are the keys to startup success and how can you know if a startup is likely to succeed? A study by Inc. magazine and the National Business Incubator Association found the failure rate to be as high as eight in 10 businesses, so … Continue reading

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