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Is Our Education System Hurting Entrepreneurship?

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In a world beset by economic challenges, cultural discord and environmental deterioration, the English philosopher Sir Ken Robinson believes he has the solution to man’s most fundamental problems: Imagination. An evolved notion of creativity is humanity’s defining trait, Robinson says, … Continue reading

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4 min read How to Intentionally Build Your Company Culture (Rather Than Leave It to Chance)

Culture is like a hairstyle: Everyone has one, even if they’re bald. You can either pursue a style that accurately reflects your personality, or you can pretend it doesn’t matter and end up looking like Edward Scissorhands. If you haven’t been … Continue reading

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6 Things I Wish Somebody Had Told Me When I Started My Small Business

I co-founded my business NutraBella, Inc. in 2005 after hearing my pregnant friends complain about their horse-pill sized pre-natal vitamins. We dreamed of giving women better vitamin options with Bellybar. Fast forward to today where I spend my days on … Continue reading

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Do More Homework Before Launching Your Business

In 50 Tips for Starting Your Own Company, John Rampton runs through a thorough checklist that entrepreneurs must review. One of the first steps involves developing an idea you’re passionate about. Rampton warns: ”Don’t just start a business because something is in vogue and you think … Continue reading

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Plan for Chaos: How to Stick to Your Health Goals When Life Gets Crazy

I played baseball in college. During the offseason, my teammates and I would battle through friendly Strongman competitions where we would flip a giant tractor tire, drag a sled full of weights, and generally push, pull, and throw heavy, oddly-shaped … Continue reading

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